This could be the start of something big…

Hello world! (As WordPress always likes to start new blogs off.)

Well, this has been long overdue, hasn’t it? I’ve been threatening to blog for a while now… and that day has arrived. It’s nothing revolutionary. It’s nothing niche. Just a place where I can keep track of my thoughts and comment on what I find interesting. Maybe it will be themed in a certain way due to my own interests and personality, if it is then that is totally organic.

I look forward to see how this blogging adventure goes. You might even find my little musings enjoyable… As the Kenan half of Kenan & Kel would say: “Aww here it goes!”

About Katy Booth

Broadcaster and journalist who has worked in the newsrooms of BBC local radio, regional television and commercial radio for more than a decade. BJTC accredited.

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